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We bring hospital-level sedation to your dentist’s office. Our #1 goal is patient safety and satisfaction because we care for you like we would our family.

Dwayne Thibeault, MSN, CRNA, ARNP

Millions of people all over the world experience dental anxiety, or worse, dental fear. Here at Blue Sky Solutions Group we have partnered with some of the top rated dentists in the New Hampshire area. We offer a solution to manage your fear and anxiety, and provide you with the best dental and sedation care available. Simply put, sedation dentistry is a way to minimize and/or eliminate the pain and distress associated with some dental care.

You can expect…

  • Excellent and affordable sedation for adult, pediatric, and special needs individuals
  • IV sedation that is tailored individually to your specific needs
  • A highly trained nurse anesthetist who will be monitoring every breath and heartbeat during your procedure
  • State-of-the-art equipment that brings hospital-quality sedation to the office
  • Medications that will help prevent pain, nausea, anxiety, and remembering your procedure
  • A follow-up call later that day about the care you experienced from your nurse anesthetist

Our expectations are high and yours should be too when choosing to have sedation for your dental procedure. You deserve to have individual attention and an experienced nurse anesthetist providing your sedation whose only concern is monitoring you.

At Blue Sky Solutions Group, we tailor your sedation plan to the individual’s needs because we believe managing your dental fear and anxiety is as important as the dental care you’re receiving.

What They’re Saying

Patient Feedback

“What a breath of fresh air to have someone in the healthcare industry actually care about you and the service you are getting. Blue sky solutions treated my 3 year old son, all the while inviting questions from us and answering all of them in detail. I will definitely be requesting their service again!!”


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There is much concern in New Hampshire about dentist who are simultaneously performing dental procedures and deep sedation or general anesthesia. As an ongoing commitment to safety and protecting the public, many medical professionals as well as parents are calling for tougher standards and to suspend this form of single operator model for sedation because of the danger to children and has resulted in several deaths. A recent ABC News investigation revealed parents are unnecessarily putting their children at risk by dentist who are using this single operator model. A dentist who performs dental procedures and patient sedation simultaneously. It is critical that someone with [...]

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You may not think twice about taking your child to the dentist, but maybe you should. A recent NBC News airing of "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly" brought to light the danger of the dentist providing the anesthesia and performing the procedure at the same time. According to the Dallas Morning News investigation in 2015, in the United States, nearly every other day a dental patient dies. There is a safer way A certified nurse anesthetist will bring hospital-quality sedation to the dental office, administer IV sedation and monitor your child's vitals, while the dentist performs the procedure, allowing for a safe and effective way to receive [...]